WARNING: Liquid Glitter Cell Phone Case Causes 9 Year Old Child Severe Burns

A 9 year old girl is left with severe burn on her thigh from liquid leaking from her phone case.

There are many colors, designs and phone models for this type of phone cover out there online, so buyer beware! 

Note: Even if these trending liquid phone cases were made with safe liquids, there's always that chance you could drop your phone, crack the case and have water leaking into your phone! Not the best purchase if you're looking for a protective phone cover. We don't and never have sold this style of phone case on our site for this very reason!

Read more about this topic here: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2016/01/13/9-year-old-suffers-third-degree-burns-after-cell-phone-case-leaks-acid.html

Stay safe everyone!