Incipio iPad Air 2 LGND Convertible Case - Black

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Built with nubuck suede material, the LGND™ for the iPad Air 2 is modern and stylish. Inspired by an origami design, the LGND™ is created with precision and adorned with an original Incipio logo.

The LGND™ fits on top of user's leg making for a comfortable grip while creating the ultimate viewing position on the go. Enjoy comfort and style no matter the destination! The LGND™ for iPad Air 2 is lined with a soft, micro-suede interior for additional protection. The non-abrasive inner material helps defend your device while it remains safe in the case.

Appreciate the strategically crafted camera cutout on the LGND™. Capture life’s memories without the trouble of removing your case. The LGND™ allows for precise photo-taking. Magnets embedded into the front cover allow you to utilize Apple’s sleep mode. Your iPad Air 2 will stay protected and unharmed from accidental drops due to the magnetic closure.

Simply open the cover of the LGND™, place pressure onto the center until the structure folds inward to create your viewing mode. Easily turn 180 degrees for a comfortable typing mode.


- Unique innovative design inspired by the art of origami paper folding
- Soft microsuede interior along with three sturdy clips secure your iPad Air 2
- Nubuck suede material provides ample protection for your iPad
- Magnets embedded in front cover take full advantage of Apple’s sleep mode

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- Incipio iPad Air 2 LGND Convertible Case - Black