Incipio iPhone 6 Phenom Case - Black Light Grey Dark Grey

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The Phenom™ Case for iPhone 6 is engineered with three layers of armor to provide your device with superior, durable protection against shock, wear and tear. Despite its added layers of protection, the Phenom™ Case is extremely slim and lightweight, and includes a soft-touch finish for convenient portability

Featuring dLAST™ material technology in the interior cushioning, the Phenom™ Case is given Incipio's Impact IQ™ standard of excellence for next-level shock absorption to shield your device from impact. The revolutionary co-molded case offers three layers of defense


- Innovative tri-molded design for superior, durable protection
- Sleek, slim profile despite its added layers of defense
- Rigid Plextonium™ back frame supports soft inner TPE lining and impact resistant Flex<sub>2</sub>O™
- Buttons stay protected and easy to use with flexible coverage
- Soft touch finished for a comfortable hold

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- Incipio iPhone 6 Phenom Case -Black / Light Grey / Dark Grey